Hiding under a sack of "DUMPED HIM"s and balloons, this Saint left their husband for a life of adventure. During their single time, they are said to have experienced an array of wild times, including "cross-dressing" and walking into a rock to escape rape! Let this saint watch over the divorced, single, and perpetually proud.


This piece was shown at Root Division in San Francisco, and is apart of a Saint Revenge trip-tych. 

Dumped Him

  • You will receive one 1st edition, 8x10 print. 

  • This order includes free shipping with a "thank you" note from the artist, along with another note from the character in the portrait (sincerity mixed with a little role play). Some prints are made to order and will get to you in 7-14 business days. Otherwise, they will arrive sooner so keep an eye out!